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Corten Flat Sheets. Corten steel sheets have a variety of uses from siding to fencing. The Corten is available in thicknesses from 22 gauge up to ½" thick in a variety of lengths and widths, which makes it compatible with any type of project. Popular uses for Corten flat sheets include: Bridges; Marine transportation; Sculptures; Planter boxes

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Dramatic steel design and rustic authenticity. The OUTDECO OXY-SHIELD specially formulated surface oxidizes to create a beautiful rust protective finish without degrading the steel. The rustic effect will accelerate in humid climates or if sprayed regularly with a fine mist of water. Once it reaches full rust patina it will lock into a beautiful long-term finish. No additional maintenance.

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We can install a metal fence in a design and material that compliments your landscape. Call us at 1-844-385-9264 to request your free design consultation and estimate. We offer a full range of residential fence design, installation, and maintenance services in Ashburn, Fredericksburg, Winchester. and surrounding Virginia, Maryland, West.

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Corten steel is a special "weathering steel" alloy that forms a stable rusted appearance over time and doesn't require painting. The fence is constructed using 14 gauge 3″ square tubing for the main upright support posts, and 2″ square tubing for the horizontal support members. All joints are welded. 22 gauge 7/8 corrugated bare steel.

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The History of CortenU. S. Steel developed the product in the 1930s and trademarked it as Cor-Ten; it was used primarily in railroad coal wagons. Corten became a go-to material for modernistic architecture and outdoor art in the 1950s and 1960s; it can be seen in such projects as the exoskeletal Ford Foundation Building in New York City and the.

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Corten steel fence and visual barrier. The protection and privacy are of the paramount importance. To protect yourself from prying eyes, fix a Corten steel barrier which, besides its decorative function, also acts as a fence. 3. The Corten steel in the garden - a material that has multiple applications.

Safety Beach rustic feature fencing using corten steel panels Coastal Creations Landscaping

Corten steel panels are quite popular now and trending quickly. Look around and you will find Corten fences, signs, artwork, lawn edging, commercial structures, flower boxes, and so much more. Steel panels of this type are commonly used for commercial buildings for both beauty and purpose.

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Corten Steel Braided Fence. A corten braided fence made with welded wire mesh can be used in place of plain one-piece metal plates. The metal mesh exhibits your backyard boundary as an artist curated masterpiece. The mesh design also provides good air ventilation as air can travel through the little spaces between the metal wires.

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Create beautiful spaces with high-quality metal panels and garden screens. Available in Corten steel and powder-coated aluminium, our garden screening and fence panels will create a sleek and modern look in any outdoor space. You can create your dream garden with decorative panels to suit your style. Durable and hard-wearing, our screen fences.

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These no-dig metal fence panels can be cleverly connected via an interlocking design. Expand into different shapes depending on your use, a straight line, "L", "O" or zig-zag shape.. Made from laser-cut corten steel, all screen panels are of the highest quality and are designed to resist corrosion through all seasons. All privacy screen sets.

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CORTEN FENCING & PANELS. PAVILLIONS & PERGOLAS. HVAC & EQUIPMENT PANELS. PRIVACY PANELS. VERADEK. PANEL DESIGN CENTER. Commercial. FAQ. REQUEST QUOTE/CONTACT. More . Corten Steel known as "Weathering Steel" or A606 comes in many forms. For plate and bar it's known as A588, Whereas Tubing is referred to as A487 . SoCal Panel Co. laser cuts.

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Corten Steel (or weathering steel) is an alloy that naturally forms a rust coating the over the first 9 months or so of it being exposed to the weather. Interestingly, due to the composition of this special alloy, this rust coating forms a protective layer that prevents further rusting.

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Corten welded wire mesh is commonly referred to as ASTM A242 wire mesh. High strength and corrosion resistant Corten steel wire mesh is available in 60" X 120" sheets. Fill Out This Quote Form & Add to Quote! - Takes Less Than 10 Seconds. Select Wire Mesh Size.

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Outdoor Corten Steel Water Fountain Custom Water Feature BUY N Slide 1; Slide 2; Slide 3; Slide 4. Our solutions include, but are not limited to, the design and manufacturin of iron gates, fences, railings, stairs, handrails, steel landings, safety ladders and custom projects. Our team is ready to help design, draw and build whatever.

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Photographer: Tom Crane Made of 300, 10-foot steel blades set upright 8 inches apart, the award winning Cor-Ten Cattails Sculptural fence was designed for a home in Berwyn, Pennsylvania as a yard sculpture that also keeps deer out. Made of COR-TEN, a steel alloy that eliminates the need for painting and maintains a rich, dark rust color without.

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Cor-ten steel fencing and gates. Fencing and gates are needed in many outdoor spaces to provide safety, security, privacy and decoration. Cor-ten steel is often used to construct various types of fencing and gates for landscapes and outdoors spaces. The purpose of the fence will determine the style and steel needs.